Sore, bleeding and cracked heels won’t be able to stand up to a Sunday stroll let alone a 10km run. Many people live with the pain from deep fissures not realising there are a few simple things that can be done to cure them. Imagine every time you step the fissure (the actual crack), opens the crack making it go deeper into the lower layers of the skin.

Skin is amazing, it’s the largest organ of the body, it protects us from microbes and the elements, and it helps regulate body temperature. We need to look after it, so it can look after us! Skin cracks when it is wet and dry.

If you can spare a few minutes a day, it will make all the difference. Most women invest a lot of money per month on face cream, whilst spending hours a week applying them- with never a thought the rest of the body, let alone to the skin on their feet. Imagine if we could prioritise our feet just a little more.

The main thing we can advise is a good foot skincare routine. Here are the steps we would recommend-

When you follow this regime you will notice a considerable difference in the texture and tone of the skin. Rehydrating the skin with a moisturiser (emollient) ensures the skin is flexible and elastic, enabling it to resist the forces put on the feet with walking and running, decreasing the chances of blistering.

We really don’t mind if you don’t want to use our products, but please do clean and moisturise your feel regularly. If you have a pre-existing skin condition that often reacts to products, please get in contact as we can advise you on your individual needs.