A company specialising in blisters kits may not feel the obvious choice. Keep reading to find out why we did.

When did you come up with the idea of a blister kit?

January 2017

How long have you been interested in blisters for?

Quite a few years as we are located on the ‘Coast to Coast walk’ and regularly have walkers needing their blisters fixing especially in the last 10 years

There are so many different blister products in shops, why is your kit different?

We are medically trained and know which products work the best on different types of wounds and we will only use the best dressings in the clinic and we always thoroughly test everything before we recommend it.

What is the worst blister you’ve seen?

When a young lady came on holiday to Whitby and decided to walk in her casual sandals a greater distance than planned …. after a while she realised, she had a problem and then, unfortunately, had to walk the same distance back again. She arrived at the clinic piggy-backed by her boyfriend as she just couldn’t walk…… the blister covered the whole of her forefoot (balls of her feet) and was pushing up in between the toes on both feet, this was before we had cameras on our phones to record these types of problems. They were a mess!

Lindsey Ebbs with her dogs

Do you suffer from blisters?

I certainly have suffered from blisters, I, like most people, get caught unaware of maybe doing an activity that the weather changes halfway through and my feet get wet or the distance is longer than expected and my footwear is not the correct one for the activity. It was a trip to London to see my eldest son that prompted me to think about Blisterhelp as it was a heatwave and we were walking long distances and I had sandals on, I am used to walking distances, in my walking boots not in sandals and it was a heatwave! I hadn’t taken my own first aid kit with me, which contains all my favourite medical dressing in but I was travelling light and not expecting to walk that much. I went to a few pharmacies and was really disappointed with what was on offer for blisters. We are so used to fantastic medical dressings, hence I just I got so frustrated enough to create a business about it!

What makes you an expert in blisters?

I am a Podiatrist which makes me well qualified to treat feet but my special interest is MSK Podiatry and blisters are an issue primarily caused by a mechanical dysfunction, so my special interest prompted me to look into blister formation and then I researched the subject for 3 years and tested and trialled all the products that we thought would help in the prevention and treatment of blisters. We are also present in the medial tent at the London Marathon helping those poor soles who have really bad blisters at the end of the race, we try to help them for their future runs by advising them whilst being treat

Do you only treat blisters on the foot?

No, as Podiatrists we are insured to treat hands as well as the waist down to the feet but we see a lot of the armed forces and they can get blisters elsewhere especially on their shoulders from bergens…so we do pass on our knowledge about the cause and prevention of blisters on other sites on the body as that information is a bit lacking in the public domain.

Aren’t blisters just a part of life and walking?

No, absolutely not! Why should you suffer from blisters when you don’t have to?

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