Everyone suffers from blisters in different places on the body and for different reasons. We at Blisterhelp, have a diverse range of products available, enabling you to be able to work out the one that best suits you. We are always here to listen and advise on which techniques and products we would recommend to suit your chosen activity.

One of the products we have in our shop is PelliTec Pads.

These are small, round pads made from 6 different layers and combine together, to wick away moisture from the skin, also relieving pressure by cushioning and therefore reducing the occurrence of blisters on the skin.

If you have spent hundreds of pounds on an incredible pair of walking boots, only to find out that they have given you blisters. You definitely won’t want to ditch the boots you have just invested in, so, applying a PelliTec pad to the blister causing site on the boot, solves the blister problem and the boots get to stay!

Blisters are formed for various reasons; moisture, heat, movement and friction. To learn more about that see our All About Blisters blog post. If your blister is friction caused by too much movement in your boots, then popping a PelliTec pad to the inside of the shoe, will reduce the movement and friction against the skin.

The main thing to remember is that PelliTec sticks to your shoes and NOT your skin.

PelliTec will stick and stay inside your boots for months, so they are ideal for people who suffer from reoccurring blisters on the same place on the foot. We know of many runners, walkers and sports and military people who all now have PelliTec pads inside their shoes and are really happy with them.

The PelliTec pads are both waterproof and durable, the layers are there to wick away moisture, and provide cushioning, which will, in turn, reduce shear against the skin.

On the whole, it is best not to pop a blister; but you can use the PelliTec pad, applied to the inside of the shoe, to cushion a bubble blister that has a sterile dressing on it already. Hopefully, you will be able to continue your activity? The pads are NOT sterile and shouldn’t be applied directly to the skin.

How to apply PelliTec

Another ingenious use we have found for PelliTec, is in the garden. Suzanne one of our podiatrists, who is a keen gardener, now has them stuck to all of her gardening tools to prevent blisters from forming on her hands.

Don’t let blisters ruin your day; prevention is better than cure. We have shared so much of our years of podiatry knowledge to help you stay blister-free. Unfortunately, most people will have blisters at some point, and when they happen, it can take weeks for your skin to completely heal. We do also have lots of treatment advice for when a blister does happen, take a look through our Blister Treatment Knowledge Base.

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