At Blisterhelp, we have always endorsed Injinji socks for preventing blisters around the toe area. However, quite by accident, we also discovered that they work well at keeping the feet warm in cold weather. This is brilliant news for those who suffer from chilblains.

The cool-max, thermo-regulating sock material allows the feet to keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Karen, our practice manager, really suffers from chilblains every winter. She has trialed everything we have in the clinic for chilblains, but we haven’t found a solution that has made a noticeable improvement to her feet… until now.

I suggested she try a pair of Injinji toe socks to help straighten her toes as they are retracted. She was a little reluctant as she thought they looked uncomfortable to wear. Karen gave them a trial and was very surprised that they keep her feet so much warmer than our darn tough socks, our usual favourites. She was impressed with how comfortable they were to wear even though her toes were tender due to the chilblains.

Although Injinji socks are designed for moisture wicking and blister prevention, we discovered they are also brilliant at preventing chilblains. We are struggling in the UK presently with a cold winter and thought this would be useful to share our findings.

Karen found the Trail-midweight socks work the best at keeping her feet warm. Other socks in the Injinji range also keep the feet warm, but the midweight range seems to be the best at doing this….. and she has tried the whole range!

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