Some lucky folk have never had a blister in their whole life! Whereas other people can’t seem to step outside their house without a hotspot forming. Most of us are somewhere in the middle, you can walk for months with no problems and then, wham! A blister forms out of nowhere. It’s for these random and incredibly frustrating moments that you carry around blisterkits.

We are aware that our kits are a bit of an investment purchase, but it’s these are the reasons we know they are worth it.

  1. You won’t let blisters stop you from having a great time
  2. We have videos teaching you how to prevent blisters forming, from skin preparations to choosing the rights socks and lacing your boots correctly.
  3. You’ve spent hundreds of pounds on gear so far, great boots, amazing coat, the perfect rucksack but none of these can be used when your feet are bleeding and sore.
  4. We’ve used our 50 combined years of Podiatry experience to pick the best dressing, pads and tapes for you to use.
  5. Make use of our “how to treat” videos, different stages of blisters requires different treatment techniques.
  6. The kits aren’t just for blisters; it’s a useful general first aid kit too.
  7. Some of our kits also have a hand dry bag so that you can take out what you need for each trip, add more to it if you choose.
  8. With our specialised advice, you can prevent blisters or enable them to heal faster.
  9. We offer online consultations for if you require personalised advice. People have used this service if they are planning a big expedition.
  10. At the end of the day, you might be 8 miles from the car, your feet are in excruciating pain and you will need the right sterile equipment to dress your feet to enable you to get back safely.

Enabling you to be fit and healthy to enjoy your walk, sport or run is why we set up Blisterhelp. Please get in contact us anytime, using our contact form or on our social media channels. We would love to help.

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