A blister treatment kit is designed to treat any stage of a blister when participating in an activity, whether it be hiking, football or simply going on holiday, ideal for popping in your kit bag or backpack.

There is everything in this kit is designed you to get home. The contents could easily be used as a medical kit as it contains comprehensive first aid materials. Professional blister treatment instructions by podiatrists are included.

We all like to go on holidays and enjoy a walk. But ordinarily living in a city without access to country walking on a daily basis, your feet may not be conditioned and walking boots are reasonably new but not fully tested out yet. Carrying such a light Emergency blister treatment kit with you is essential to a worry free holiday. Just treat any hotspot or blister that may form and carry on.

The first few new matches in the season for Football, hockey or rugby, the boots may be new and not been worn in yet, and the feet are not conditioned to the regular training and matches. The emergency blister kit can then be kept on the side lines and used straightaway when a hotspot is felt.

Even for seasoned walkers and hikers, when the weather or terrain presents with unusual conditions which may challenge the feet and could be a causative factor for a blister on the feet. Having the right materials to treat a blister, gives piece of mind especially when hiking or walking in remote locations without any medical facilities.

A trip to a city and pounding the streets whilst being a tourist in any country can be challenging to the feet, the emergency blister kit is light enough at 246gms to take in a handbag and can be used as and when needed.

Going skiing is always hard on the feet and ankles as this is usually a holiday once or twice a year, the feet are not conditioned to the harsh material of the boots and the extreme level of activity of exercise. Recognising a hotspot on the foot and dressing it accordingly at this stage is imperative to enjoying the rest of the holiday without the blisters stopping you from skiing.

Popping blisters is no longer a problem as the kit contains sterile needles to be able to pop the blister and dress it accordingly with sterile antibacterial dressing removing the worry of introducing an infection into the foot.

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