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Lindsey Ebbs

I qualified in Podiatry from Durham in 1988 and after working in a private practice I ventured off and created my own practice, I worked for the local GP surgery, initially for a 6 month pilot scheme and ended up staying for 8 years! Although Podiatry has always been my constant, I have also developed properties and for 11 years ran a holiday accommodation business.

On a Personal level, swimming has always been a great love of mine, I used to be a competitive swimmer and went on to be a voluntary swimming coach for my local swimming club for 16 years. Such a pleasure of bringing on young talent and seeing them progress to be not only great swimmers but amazing young people to be around. Sadly I couldn’t continue to give my time as my mum became ill and my priorities changed.

Rescuing dogs is something I have done for 32 years, they have come in through the door in all sorts of shapes, sizes and levels of behavioural issues! As you can see from the photo, Chester is a Jack Chi mix and my 9th rescue and Lovely Luna in the background is my faithful German shepherd. An unusual mix of little and large but it is always a conversation starter!

In my opinion dogs always give more than they take and like Suzanne, walking every day is just a good habit that is not only good for the body but for the mind too.

My children have grown and flown the nest, which left me with some time to consider my next career step. I realised there was a need for more help and information regarding blister prevention and treatment. Hence `Blisterhelp was` born!

Suzanne Bedford

Having passed my A levels 1980 I went for a three month holiday to South Africa, eleven years later; a career in Hospitality; and a young family I finally returned to the UK.

So I was a late comer to Podiatry, qualifying from Salford in 1999. Initially, doing private work in Manchester, I then moved to Whitby in 2000 and worked for the NHS.

Now my children are grown up and moved out I’ve started a new adventure with Lindsey. In my spare time there’s nothing I love more than walking my British Bulldog, Alba and French Bulldog, Winnie around the North Yorkshire Moors National Parks. It is through this love of walking that I truly understand why foot care is important to all as it gives us the freedom to get out and do what we love.

Expert Advice

If you need some expert blister advice from an HCPC Registered Podiatrist - you can book a Blisterhelp Consultation. You can see us in person at the Foot Hub Whitby, or virtually over a video consultation.

Podiatrists with over 50 years of combined professional experience in the NHS, GP surgeries, and Private Practice; We have a special interest in Blisters on the feet. As HCPC Registered Podiatrists we provide professional advice on preventing and treating foot blisters.

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Knowledge Base

Blister Location

From the tip of the toes to the back of the heel. Get the right advice from a HCPC registered podiatrist.

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Blister Prevention

Preventing blisters requires a multi factored approach in managing external elements such as shear stresses, moisture, heat, pressure and friction; and internal elements such as skin integrity and peripheral circulation.

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Blister Treatment

Find out how to treat blisters, how to avoid getting them, and when to get advice or treatment from a from a HCPC registered podiatrist.

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Blister Activities

Whatever activity you are participating in has the same preparation rules. Conditioning the body by training prior to the event is crucial so that the body and feet will be prepared for the stresses and strains applied to them.

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We're rated 5 stars on Google

I am attempting to walk 100km in 24 hours and have struggled with blisters during my training. I have followed Lindsey's advice and my blister problems are gone. I have used Poron 6mm high performance and Engo patches. I would recommend these products, but most importantly I would recommend following Lindsey's advice. Thanks to Blisterhelp Clinic. Vernon Robinson
I purchased a pair of Armaskin socks for my son, he constantly gets blisters. I would highly recommend this product, no more blister plasters no more tapes, and no more missing sessions or games. It has affected him for a number of years and these have stopped ALL issues. They are worth every penny and have saved a small fortune on remedial products Lee O'Neill
Love the socks really comfortable to wear. Bought my sister a pair first and she thought they were great so got myself a pair. Wear well and wash well. Must get another pair! Alison Dent
My wife has been having terrible blisters on her feet for a while now and we have tried a lot of things. Then we came across the Blisterhelp website and as well as products, contained a wide range of very helpful advice. From this, we purchased some Podotech Poron insoles and these have been found to be very comfortable, but more importantly, no new blisters so far! The insolves also arrived very quickly and very well packaged. So overal, the site itself is very recommended and so are the Podotech insolves. Thank-you! Francis Greenaway
Continually had struggled with blisters on my arches but after putting these on have had no issues at all, with not even the slightest hint of rubbing Gregg Christy
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