Heel Blister

How to Pop a Blister

How to safely pop a blister

If possible wear disposable gloves.

Clean the skin of the blister to be popped with an alcohol wipe.

Use a sterile needle to pierce the blister twice on opposite sides  at the base of the blister and allow the fluid to drain into the sterile non- woven gauze.

You can also use Sterile Swann MortonĀ® single use sterile retractable scalpels for popping blisters. Push the green button and press it upwards so the blade is fully extended, locked and ready for use. Pierce the skin at the base of the blister on opposite sides of the bubble. Press the green button again and push downward so the blade becomes retracted again. Please dispose of in yellow clinical waste bin and not normal household waste.

Apply the saline wipe over the drained blister to empty the last bit of the fluid and clean the area.

betadine swab

Then use the Povidone iodine swab liberally over the blister before applying an suitably sized Island dressing to the blister.

Apply a deflective padding with the foam o felt to keep the pressure off the blister

Secure pad with Hypafix tape.

How to pop a blister under a toenail