What causes Ankle blisters?

These blisters are always footwear related and usually due to skiing, ice-skating boots or walking boots as they come further up the foot, ankle and leg.

What can I do to prevent Ankle Blisters?

Boot fit

If the boot is too tight then that can cause pressure on the front and back of the ankle but also the boney bits on the inside and outside of the ankle. If the boots are too loose then the ankle will move around in the boot causing repetitive friction areas which will produce blisters. If you are serious about these sports and plan to be a regular then buy your own boots rather than hiring them, this way the fit will be more accurate.

Moisture wicking socks

Take the sweat away from the skin, longer locks are necessary with boots so that all the boot to skin contact is covered. Our favourite is darntough as the socks are cushioned to above the ankle.

Engo patches

Applied to the areas of the boot that are creating the pressure points, this will help with the frictional forces applied to the skin from the boot.

Armaskin Liner socks

In the longer version is suitable for boots, and they are used next to the skin underneath moisture wicking socks provides an excellent friction reducing lining next to the skin.

Silicone sleeves

There are two types that can be used for ankle/ leg boots 1- gel tubing, which is gel on a mesh wide enough to go over the foot and ankle and when cut in half can go over both ankles and 2- Shin and Achilles gel padding socks and Malleoli protector sleeves. Both of these products protect the areas of repeated blisters. The mesh tubing is cheaper and can roll at the ends and the site-specific protector sleeves are more substantial and with thicker gel areas.


can be applied on those skin areas getting the pressure before your activity, making sure the edges are smooth and all areas are covered. Practice makes perfect with taping, don’t give up on your first attempt if not successful, just try it again until it works for you. We use Hyperfix and KT pro for our taping 

2toms blister powder

applied to the skin, it can provide a reduction in friction to the area of the skin affected by the boots or use it after the taping above