What is PORON?

PORON® urethane is an open cell foam used in the development of gaskets, protective gear, footwear, and even within parts of the Hubble Space Telescope. The flexible material is commonly chosen for its cushioning, and sealing properties.

As a material it bounces back and doesn’t “bottom out” like some insole materials. It lasts a long time, I recently replaced a pair for a patient that he had worn for 10 years!

It is an amazing material to work with and has helped so many patients, myself included! I became quite ill with a virus in my early 40’s that attacked my joints, especially in my feet. Walking became very painful, my usual shoes and boots were cast aside as I simply could not wear them. As a Podiatrist, and a patient, I had no choice but to work out how to ease my pain. As a result of this PORON® fast became my friend!

I have used PORON® for my rheumatoid patients as the properties are fantastic for helping the areas of the feet that have lost their protective layer. Replacing this absent protective layer with a layer of PORON®, either onto orthotics or straight into the shoe, has produced very effective results.

As part of my treatment, I also changed my shoes to a more shock absorbing “rocker type” in order to distribute the pressure away from the balls of my feet. With this change to my shoes and the introduction of PORON® insoles, I managed to get along, just! I still wear cushioning and shock absorbing shoes now as once you’ve had comfort you are less likely to give it up.

I realised as I was wearing PORON® insoles all the time that my walking technique had improved and my stiff big toe joints were functioning more with an increased range of movement and my stride length increased. I applied my knowledge to my sporting patients who have naturally wanted more propulsion at the lift off part of gait cycle (when the big toe pushes off the ground). They’ve really enjoyed having this extra bit of help when competing in their events. PORON “vive “is particularly good at this job as it gives back energy to the next step.

As for foot blisters, PORON is an easy product to help prevent them in the first place. PORON’s shock absorption abilities will reduce the amount of shear applied to the areas that usually blister i.e. under the balls of the feet and around the heel. PORON® Grey and Podotech PORON® gel are perfect for this problem.

PORON® insoles can be added to any footwear or by replacing the insole that is already in the shoes. You can never make a bad choice with PORON, which ever one you choose will reduce friction, pressure and blisters.

We cut all of the PORON® materials to a generous size, above what you requested, however we do outline your size on the material so you have a guide. We find in clinic that the standard insole pre-cuts are not big enough to fit wide fitting footwear, especially walking boots. This then ensures the poron fits exactly in the shoe without any slipping. Alternatively remove the existing insole supplied with your shoe and use it to draw around the poron material for an exact fit.


The technology in this product harnesses energy from each step away from the body and engages that energy to help push the wearer into their next step helping to increase comfort and reduce fatigue.

Poron vive retains 90% of its original shape for a true-to-design fit, it reduces and redirects shock forces away from the foot and delivers a “lift off” zone for maximum propulsion. Especially at heavy load points like the heels and the balls of the feet. It absorbs shock to minimise fatigue in the feet with a high energy return and its long-term performance that outlasts most other materials.

Poron vive is lightweight, breathable open cells keeping you cooler and drier, which is great for long duration events, its reliable cushioning and excellent shear abrasion makes it a great choice for blister prevention. Contains Microban Antimicrobial protection. 4mm in thickness.

PORON ® Grey 4000 (High Performance)

PORON high performance cushioning brings long lasting comfort and higher shock absorption in a durable material that will withstand even the toughest daily wear. In side-by-side comparison with other typical insole materials, PORON high performance materials exhibit how they have been engineered to provide maximum repeated shock absorption

This the PORON type that I have been using for years, it’s one of the originals and works really well. I tend to use it in the 6.35mm thickness as I use it in both my work and walking boots. Trainers that have the removable insole will take a 6.35 mm thickness too however it is available in 3.2mm but I wouldn’t recommend anything thinner that that as the shock absorption will be too minimal to be effective at blister prevention. Its firmness offers high energy return and excellent impact absorption for demanding work outdoors, athletic and casual applications

Poron® 4400 Green (antimicrobial)

This material has the same shock absorption properties as the grey 4000 but it has antimicrobial protection (Microban®) which not only masks shoe odours it stops the growth of odour causing bacteria as well as the fungus that causes athletes foot. This all makes it the ideal insole material for long events in challenging humid warm climates.


Is the ultimate combination, this innovative NEW material consists of PORON® laminated to a specially formulated polymer gel which combines the ingenious qualities of both, resulting in a superior material designed specifically for orthotics and insoles. As Podiatrists, we use gel on other areas of the foot but we have kept away from the thicker gel insoles for competitions as it can cause a loss of traction under the big toe joint. However, this Podotech PORON range is a thinner gel it is only 3.6mm in thickness. Its ability to reduce shear is more prominent than the others in the PORON range so if your problem blisters are under the ball of the foot, this PORON material is more likely to suit you.

Polymer Gel is widely recognised as a material that mimics our own skin. It provides comfortable orthotics that minimise and redistribute peak plantar pressures. Silicone is also extremely effective in reducing shear (a force which is responsible for blistering of the skin). It is Hypo – allergenic, latex and silicone free medical grade gel it doesn’t deform even after prolonged use.