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Hot spot is the first stage of a blister. Recognising this stage can help prevent the blister progressing to the next stages of a bubble blister and a roof off blister.

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Bubble Blister

Bubble Blister- the hotspot has progressed, and a fluid filled bubble on the skin that most will recognise as a blister is now visible.

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Roof Torn Blister

A Roof torn blister has progressed from the intact blister and the roof or the top of the blister has a tear and the fluid has leaked out, so it is no longer looks like a bubble on the skin.

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Roof Off Blister

Hydrocolloid dressing is the only option for this stage of blister, swab the area with saline to make sure the wound is clean and dry before applying the hydrocolloid

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Infected Blister

This is the stage of blister that you need to recognise quickly, the blister would be torn off or de-roofed and a bacterial infection will have infected the wound

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Knowledge Base

Blister Location

From the tip of the toes to the back of the heel. Get the right advice from a HCPC registered podiatrist.

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Blister Prevention

Preventing blisters requires a multi factored approach in managing external elements such as shear stresses, moisture, heat, pressure and friction; and internal elements such as skin integrity and peripheral circulation.

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Blister Treatment

Find out how to treat blisters, how to avoid getting them, and when to get advice or treatment from a from a HCPC registered podiatrist.

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Blister Activities

Whatever activity you are participating in has the same preparation rules. Conditioning the body by training prior to the event is crucial so that the body and feet will be prepared for the stresses and strains applied to them.

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