This is an interesting one as you would think that waters sports would be exempt from blisters and to a large extent that is true. Non weight bearing sports like swimming don’t really have the pressures on the skin like other ground related sports. But it is the equipment they use, that can cause blisters.

Swimmers when training often wear more costumes to create drag in the water or wetsuits in open water swimming and flippers when training, these cause the pressure on the skin with repeated action. Wet suits used in long distance swimming, can cause blisters on areas that receive increase friction from the wetsuits, usually the neck, arm and ankle region

Water-skiers get blisters when the feet are placed in the ski sockets, these can often cause pressure on the back of the heel and in the toe area, often happens when on holiday and especially when the feet are not conditioned to the sport. 

2toms® Sportshield

2Toms Sportshield need only be applied to those blisters affected areas as a prevention product. It provides a friction reduced area, which is also resistant to water. 

Skin taping with 2-KT Pro Tape

2-KT Pro Tape is a water proof tape and is applied an hour before any activity in the prevention of blisters on any of the friction areas. Prior application of skin Tac to the skin improves the staying power of the tape