Gel Toecaps For Blister Prevention


Blister prevention for toes


Silopos anti-bacterial digital gel caps

Silopos digital gel caps are a soft, comfortable, elastic toe sleeves and are impregnated with a Silopos polymer gel lining.

They provide cushioning and protection to the areas on the toes that are prone to shear (friction and pressure). We highly recommend they are used in blister prevention for the top, end and in-between the toes.

The gel liner contains a medical grade mineral oil (USP) which softens and moisturises the skin. The gel is clear, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic

Pack Contents

The digital gel caps are 3cm long with a 2mm gel lining, they are a snug fit, but the fabric is elastic, so they can easily stretch to size. Enclosed in each pack is 4 toe sleeves, consisting of:

  • 2x large/x-large for the big toe or thumbs
  • 2x small/medium for smaller toes and fingers

Directions for use

Wash and dry the toe or finger before applying the product.

With sharp scissors, cut the fabric sleeve to the desired length to fit the toe/finger. The cut off discarded pieces can be used for smaller areas on the toes.

Slip the product over the toes with the gel liner next to the skin, bear in mind that the gel sleeves will take up more room in the toe box of footwear. We do not suggest wearing them on more than two toes on one foot at the same time.

Cover any existing skin blisters with the recommended appropriate dressing before applying one of the silopos digital sleeves.

These gel caps are reusable, they should be hand washed gently with mild soap and water after use, then air dry with the gel on the outside. After much usage, they can often look a bit tatty, but they are still functioning as a blister prevention strategy, especially with the confidence of their antibacterial properties.

Remove when resting or sleeping, this allows the skin to breath


DO NOT apply to any open wounds.

Any irritation or poor circulation that presents to the toes, please discontinue use and contact a medical professional


Climbing & Mountaineering, Golf, Hiking, Tennis, Walking

Blister Location

Between the toes, Big toe, Little toe, Tip of the toes, Top of the toes