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Hypafix Tape Roll


5cm x 10m roll. Don’t forget to round the edges and smooth on with warm hands for good adhesion.

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Tape for Blister Prevention and Treatment

Hypafix tape is a non-woven light, stretchy, low allergy tape we have been using in clinic for years. It is such a n easy tape to use, Hypafix tape can be used as preventative measure against blisters on the foot, especially in high friction areas where the skin needs additional protection. Or when applying Hydrocolloid dressings, Lyofoam dressing and deflective padding. When applying the tape always ensure you round the edges of the tape as rounded edges don’t peel away from the skin as much as a sharp pointed edge would do. For best results apply a small amount of 2toms blister shield powder over the top of the tape as this will further reduction friction ensuring it is less likely to peel away.


Climbing & Mountaineering, Cycling, Hiking, Horse Riding, Ice Hockey, Ice Skating, Roller Skating, Running, Ski & Snowboard, Tennis, Walking

Blister Location

Ankle, Back of the heel, Big toe, Tip of the toes, Top of the toes