Moderex Blister Relief Plasters


Blist-Relief Hydrocolloid Blister Plasters


Blist-Relief Hydrocolloid blister plasters

We are so excited to be able stock these dressings as they are unique to the blister plaster market! Being slightly smaller and varied in size, makes them ideal for treating blisters on the feet. They are designed to be contact with the blister wound for a maximum time limit of 7 days.


  • 12 individually wrapped plasters of 3 different sizes
  • Oval 69 mm x 44 mm
  • Oval 55 mm x 37 mm
  • Oval with wings 28mm x 69mm

Moderex Blist-relief plasters are different to the branded advertised blister plasters because they are STERILE, which sets them apart as they are classified as a medical device. When dressing an open wound, only a sterile dressing will do as the prevention of a bacterial infection is paramount to wound healing.

These plasters are sterile self-adhesive wound dressings that consist of a thin absorbent wound contact layer of hydrocolloid.

As Podiatrists, we have been using these types of dressings professionally for years as they are amazing wound healers and now, they are available to you.

Only use these plasters if the roof of the blister has come off, if you apply a hydrocolloid plaster to a blister that still has the skin covering it, when removing the dressing, it will bring the blister roof skin off as well.

Although they plasters are recommended to be used by themselves, we always secure them to the skin with hypafix tape, ensuring that the dressing will not move, especially if the wearer is participating in an activity.

You can read more about “How to dress a blister with the skin off” in our Blister Blog

Do not use these plasters on an infected blister


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