Simply Feet

Simply Feet Biodegradable Foot File


This is an extra-large, double sided foot file for rough and hard skin.


This is an extra-large, double sided foot file, the main body of the file is made from a mix of 40-50% wood embedded in biodegradable plastic.

The inside concave aspect of the file has a rougher material, alongside the shape which is ideal for the heel area of the foot.

The outside of the file has a less rough material, which is perfect for removing and smoothing the skin from the more delicate toe areas of the foot.

This is by far, the best foot file that we have tried on our patients in clinic, it certainly is very effective at smoothing and removing hard skin that tends to blister when being active.

If you are preparing your feet for an event or even for summer sandal wearing then don’t forget to apply the foot mender cream on after filing, to achieve perfect, elastic and resilient skin which is less likely to blister or fissure.


  • Length of handle 11cm
  • Width of handle 4cm
  • Length of file 11cm
  • Width of file 6cm
  • Total length of the foot file 24cm
  • Weight 38 gms

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