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Blister Prevention Blister Treatment

Blister Prevention and Treatment Kit


The perfect kit for participating in multi-day events as the contents will enable you to compete and complete any activity. Professional blister treatment instructions by podiatrists are included.

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Avoid and Treat Foot Blisters

A very comprehensive kit to help avoid and treat foot blisters. Providing blister prevention products to help prevent a blister forming, as well as including essential blister treatment dressings to apply to any stage of a blister. The perfect kit for participating in multi-day events as the contents will enable you to compete and complete any activity.

Professional blister treatment instructions by podiatrists are included.



Why do you need a blister prevention and treatment kit?

If you are planning to participate in an event that lasts a few days and you want to make sure that you finish it, then this is the kit for you.

It is a very comprehensive blister kit, designed for those who want to complete a multi-day activity for eg; walking, hiking, tennis, rugby, ultramarathons, or armed forces training. The kit contents are designed not only to prevent blisters but also to treat them.

Blisters on the feet can stop you from completing competitions, even professionals have this problem too, which can be very expensive, especially in the tennis world where the players are expected to play for days. If you have invested in a walking holiday or are planning to complete an important charity event, then purchasing one of these kits will give you peace of mind that you will complete in comfort, even if you get the odd blister or two.

Why are our Blister kits so important and what makes them so different from all the other first aid kits?

First and foremost, we are podiatrists and as such, we see blisters on the feet daily, being in Whitby and located on the coast-coast walk, people get caught out in the middle of participating in this walk and we often see them in our clinic.

There is no other profession that knows more about feet than we do, so we are perfectly placed to design blister kits for the prevention and treatment of foot blisters

The contents of the Blister kits are only products that we use in the clinic, everything has been tried and tested, alongside being evidence-based.

The Island dressings are chosen for their differing shapes and sizes, moulding to those fiddly areas of the feet perfectly.

Hydrocolloid dressings are our favourite to use when the blister roof has come off, as these are specifically designed for wound healing. They are sterile and differ from over-the-counter cheaper hydrocolloid plasters, which are non-sterile.

Engo patches, are placed inside the shoe, are fantastic at reducing friction on the high-pressure area of the shoe.

Alpaca wool is just amazing at blister prevention, placed in between the toes or the back of the heels or anywhere where the shoe is causing undue pressure, totally natural and super comfortable.

KT-pro tape is our go-to tape to prevent blisters alongside hypafix. KT tape can be used for blister prevention and also for sprains and strains, which can often happen during strenuous activity.

Epitact gel ovals and the gel digit- tubes are silicon-based gel, which can be placed straight onto unbroken skin to prevent blisters or over an island dressing if a blister has already formed.

We have enclosed sheets of deflective and cushioning padding that we use in the clinic along with instructions on how to cut out and protect the blister-prone areas from pressure from the ground or footwear, scissors are also included

The sterile needles and scalpels enclosed in the kits are included so you can pop your blister under sterile conditions without the risk of infection, enabling you to continue and finish your activity.

The kit comes with comprehensive professional instructions designed by us so you will know which stage of the blister you are treating and what dressing to use.

You have probably bought all the items for your event, including clothes, bags, socks, and footwear. Pop this blister kit in your bag, and i know you won't regret it.

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