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Emergency Blister Treatment Kit

£45.00 £22.50

This is a blister treatment kit, is designed to treat any stage of a blister when participating in an activity, whether it be hiking, football or simply going on holiday, ideal for popping in your kit bag or backpack.

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Manage Blisters on the go

There is everything in this kit is designed you to get home. The contents could easily be used as a medical kit as it contains comprehensive first aid materials. Professional blister treatment instructions by podiatrists are included.


Blisterhelp designed this blister treatment kit for the correct treatment of foot blisters, enabling participants to complete any event or activity, despite getting blisters.

In the clinic, we see patients that have blisters all the time, usually after participating in an activity, caused by incorrect footwear or socks. They limp with pain, wearing sandals, regardless of the weather as they cannot bear to wear shoes as their blisters hurt that much.

It dawned on us, when treating these patients, that quite a lot of people do not release how to treat or prevent blisters, nor use the correct dressings at each blister stage, I bet you didn’t know there are five stages of a blister?

There is a lot of mis-information on the internet about the prevention and treatment of blisters and most of it is incorrect, which led us to developing this kit. With this kit in your backpack, you have all the products required, alongside professional instructions, to be able to treat foot blisters and get to the finish line of any event and home again.

This kit always comes with me on my sunshine holidays and used as a first aid kit. I have always taken my own, personally designed first aid kit away on our family holidays for the last 30 years.

I am known as the "go-to "person for dressings, there is always one in my suitcase or handbag. Using only professional dressings we us in the clinic, the superior quality of the correct product for quicker, enhanced wound healing, is always appreciated.

The kit contents always get used or taken home by other family members. I am not sure if we are an accident-prone family or not, or maybe we are just adventurous?

Every item enclosed in the kit is sterile and single-use- the last thing you need is an infection in your blister.

So, if you have a hotspot, bubble blister, or a roof-torn blister, then there is an item in this kit for every eventuality, even for popping a blister.

Professional podiatry instructions are enclosed, indicating the use of each product for any of the stages of a blister formation.

The kit measurements are as follows.

The packaging is waterproof and the individually sealed contents will keep dry even in the wettest of conditions.

The emergency blister kit is easy to pop in any backpack or try using our dry bag- enabling smaller quantities to be taken out for the day. I always take a few items out in my sunglasses case or handbag…. I like being prepared!

If you have any questions, please contact us, we will always be happy to help.

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