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Blister Prevention

Fleecy Web Crosses


Pre-cut and self adhesive these handy little pads protect your toes.

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Fleecy Web St George crosses

The pack contains 36 pre-cut, hypoallergic, adhesive, pre-cut pads perfect for placing on the toe area of the foot.

Fleccy web is a thin (1 mm) soft fabric which has enough stretch that allows the crosses to easily mold around the toes. The cross shape is especially perfect for the end of the toes as the shape mina mises the creases.

Place on a hotspot blister or on the area of skin to prevent a blister forming, we prefer to secure in place with hypafix tape, preventing the product from rucking or slipping. The adhesive is high tack, hypoallergenic and easy to remove leaving no residue, making it perfect for sensitive skins. They are light and small which is very important if placing in a backpack, where weight and space is a premium.

If you get blisters around the toe area of the foot, then these are perfect to use on the toes so you can carry on your activity without having the bulk of the thicker podiatry felts.


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