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Blister Prevention Poron Cushioning Insoles

Poron High Performance Cushioning Insoles 3mm


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These insoles go up to a men’s size 12, please contact us directly if you have a larger foot

Poron performance cushioning brings long lasting comfort and high-performance shock absorption in a durable material that withstands even the toughest daily wear. In side-by-side comparison with other typical insole materials. Poron performance materials exhibit how they have been engineered to provide maximum repeated shock absorption.

Poron’s firmness offers a high energy return and excellent shock absorption for demanding outdoor work, in the athletic arena, and in casual applications of gardening or gentle walking. Once you have worn these high performance poron in your shoes, you will never go back to normal insoles again, the benefits are not just for blister prevention but reduced joint and muscle pain.

This is the Poron type that we have been using for years in our clinic, it is one of the originals, that works well in preventing foot blisters. The 6 mm thickness is the one we recommend in clinic as this maximises the amount of shock absorption. Placing it inside walking boots/shoes or trainers. The 6mm won’t be a problem as this type of footwear usually has plenty of room inside, especially if the existing insole is removed and replace by the poron ones.

Poron green and grey high performance are available in 3mm and 6mm thickness as we understand that not all footwear will accommodate the 6mm insoles. The 3mm thickness will still work at preventing foot blisters but not as efficiently as the 6mm. Any insole thinner than 3mm will cease to be effective at blister prevention strategy. These are the Poron High Performance 3mm. Click here for the 6mm version.

Poron High Performance Green 4400

Poron High Performance Grey 4000

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