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Emergency Blister Treatment Kit

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When stopping is not an option.

Emergency Blister Treatment

This is a blister treatment kit, is designed to treat any stage of a blister when participating in an activity, whether it be hiking, football or simply going on holiday, ideal for popping in your kit bag or backpack.

For use whilst out and about, in a sealable bag with instructions.


Manage Blisters on the go.

More than the basics to get you where you are going.

There is everything in this kit is designed you to get home. The contents could easily be used as a medical kit as it contains comprehensive first aid materials. Professional blister treatment instructions by podiatrists are included.


12 x Sterile Low- Allergy Island dressings
1 x Sterile Hydrocolloid thin dressing 5cm x7.5cm
8 x Butterfly dressings
2 Metres of Hyperfix Tape®
12 x Nitrile (non-Latex) size large, non- sterile gloves
6 x 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Skin Cleansing wipes
6 x Sterile Wound cleansing Saline wipes
6 x Povidone Iodine sterile antiseptic swabsticks
4x Sterile single use hypodermic needles
1 x Sachet of 2Toms® Blister Shield powder
1 x Hapla™ Foam ‘o’ Felt sheet
1x Sterile Pouched Scissors



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